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Farrell lab members posing for group photo in MCZ Labs

We are committed to fostering a community that welcomes and celebrates diversity in all its forms. We view the fundamental values of diversity, respect, fairness, and kindness in our community as inseparable from our goals as scientists. Upholding this commitment means we communicate with respect and support one another in speaking up if we think our values are being disregarded. We likewise expect all visitors to our lab to abide by these standards and help us create a safe and welcoming environment. We invite all to join us not only in our pursuit of scientific excellence, but also in our commitment to dignity, equity, and access in science.

Lightly adapted from the OEB Graduate Student diversity statement



Hand holding a bee-covered frame from a hive
Dylan checking a beehive for Varroa mites
Motivated undergraduates are welcome to join current research projects or work on their own related research and senior theses. Previous students have explored topics in acoustic biology, mosquito diversity, and biogeography. Interested undergraduates should email Prof. Farrell to discuss the possibilities of undergraduate research in the lab.

We strongly encourage seeking funding to support deeper undergraduate research. Two places to learn more about funding for undergraduate research are:

Museum of Comparative Zoology

Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships

Graduate Students

SEM image of beetle tarsomere
SEM images of beetle tarsomere by Alyssa Hernandez
We are affiliated with the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology (OEB) graduate program, which is part of Harvard's Graduate School for Arts and Sciences (GSAS). Please visit the OEB Graduate Program website for information about the application process. Prospective students should email Prof. Farrell well before submitting their application for the OEB graduate program.

OEB Graduate Studies

OEB Prospective Students

GSAS Admissions


Postdoctoral Fellows

Image of Bruno wearing headlamp, holding container of beetles at night
Bruno collecting in the field at night
While we are not actively seeking postdoctoral fellows at the present, we have hosted many independent, enthusiastic postdocs. Please contact Prof. Farrell with your research interests and CV to inquire about upcoming opportunities.