Gary Alpert

Gary Alpert

Associate, Museum of Comparative Zoology
Research Associate, Museum of Northern Arizona
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Gary is an environmental biologist and MCZ Associate, specializing in ants. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1981 and has been conducting field studies on the ants of New England since 1990.

At present, Gary is also a Research Associate at the Museum of Northern Arizona, with research focused on the arthropod biodiversity of the Colorado Plateau (particularly ants).

He has photographed many ant species in the field and is constantly perfecting his digital imaging system for close-up images under a microscope. Gary and others have discovered several new state and regional records of ants. He is also very interested in the behavioral ecology of other insects that live inside the ant nests.

Gary is the lead researcher on the Navajo Ant Project and Global Ant Project Coordinator for the Global Ant Project and AntWiki. He is a co-author of the revised Bolton’s Catalogue of Ants of the World: 1758–2005.